Areté Visual Arts

'Exploring our potential together'

Areté Visual Arts was established in 2007 as an association of artists who come together to work, think and critically engage. Many of us live in the West country but we also have members from South Africa, USA and Sweden. Areté artists aim to achieve a universal resonance in our work. We believe that we can support and enhance our individual practice when united as a group.

Our Goals

To provide and increase opportunities for member artists to engage in mutual support and development, to work, think and critically engage with their practice by:

To promote the economic development of member artists through:


The word Areté is a Greek word which translates as virtue but actually means something closer to reaching your greatest potential. A man or woman of areté is a person of the highest effectiveness using all their faculties to achieve the best outcome. The meaning of the word changes depending on what it describes, since everything has its own particular excellence.

If you are interested in joining us please contact Fay Hutchcroft. Include a brief description of your Art practice and some images.