Patricia Gould

I am fortunate to live and work in Glastonbury immersed in ancient history, myths and legends, a genuine and varied spiritual and mystical community and a wonderful natural environment.

As a founder member and Course Director of Areté Visual Arts I have worked alongside a talented and committed group of artists for a number of years. I devise and lead workshops for them using Imagework to access the unexpected and to explore possible ways forward. Fay Hutchcroft, AVA Artistic Director, and I have led the group through a number of projects from their inception culminating in exhibitions to celebrate the work produced.

My work reflects my current life and interests. An emerging theme that has particular resonance for me informs my work. I work in charcoal, oil and lately in inks and natural pigments. My continuing fascination with the early origins of number and their geometrical depictions find many outlets on my canvases.

I was a maths teacher working in Secondary Modern, Grammar and progressive private schools. I was lucky to have the freedom to be child centred in my teaching, innovative and free of paperwork.

Art journey, starting in 1994

I need to mention Dina Glouberman who has been an inspiration and a guide for many years. Her Imagework training has supported my life and informed my creativity. Courses and workshops that I lead use Imagework to release creativity, to take the next step and to access the unexpected.